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Zambia has abundant mineral resources and the mining history is more than 90 years,so the mining occupies an important place in the national economy.However,since high grade ore has been excavated for many years,which leads to a large amount of waste manganese ore tailings and low-grade iron ore.These resources can not meet the requirements of the commodity ore grade because of content of iron and manganeses,so they have caused great waste because they cannot be sold and used directly.In order to take full advantage of this resource,Liaoning San He Mining Investment Co.,ltd plans to invest 130 million US dollars in research and utilization.We will construct the plant in which produces and use the abandoned middle and low-grade iron and manganese ore in KAMPUMBA Manganese Mine as the raw material to produce 30,000 tons of electrolytic metal manganese and 100,000 tons of building steel annually which the advanced international beneficiation and smelting technology.


San He’s investment project adopts the international leading patent DRI technology to produce high added value electrolytic metal manganese the building steel with waste manganese ore tailing and low-grade iron ore.This project has many advantages such as low production cost,high production efficiency,good quality of the products,and low environmental pollution.There is a very urgent need for the products of metal manganese in European,American countries and Chinese market,and high quality steel will be used in the areas of  important public infrastructure construction such as housing construction,electric power,communication,water conservancy and highway transportation.In this way,Zambia will improve the situation that the country need to import steel from South Africa and India.After the project is put into production,it can not only bring high taxes to Zambia,but also provided jobs for about 2200 people in the area and also cultivate a large number of skilled industrial talents for Zambia,which will greatly promote the industrialization process of the metallurgy in ZAMBIA.



San He Logistics & Trasnport Zambia Limited. was established in 2009, covering  50,000 square meters and construction area of over 10,000 square meters. Now it has more than 400 vehicles of Shaanxi Automobile Delong@30 tons high configuration container trailer. There are powerful vehicle maintenance and repair teams, maintenance and repair workshops and tyre retreading factory, oil supply stations and various special vehicles. In 2015, the company obtained the certificate of overseas investment issued by the Liaoning Provincial Department of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation.


As a professional transporter and implementer of marine, land transport, customs clearance agents and major equipment transportation solutions for engineering logistics, Sanhe Transportation has been committed to providing professional logistics and transportation services to customers in southern Africa for many years. Since its establishment, Sanhe Transportation has established branches and offices in Congo, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, South Africa, etc., and has established strategic partnerships with more than 100 well-known domestic and foreign customers and agents to provide customers with the most professional, convenient and fast. , safe and economical logistics and transportation services, to solve all customer logistics and transportation problems, the company is dedicated to providing the best quality service for customers in various industries and fields.

In the next three years, we will invest 30 million US dollars purchase  600 trucks, then Sanhe logistics will achieve the goal of having 1000 trucks, with an annual profit of 24 million US dollars.



Ndola Bonded Warehouse


Our warehouse is 15, 000 square meters fully secured with 8 armed security personnel every day and night guarding the wall fenced premises which has an electric wire above the perimeter. 
Currently a rail line is being constructed to reach our yard. 

The inside is equipped with overhead bright lights just in case employees have to work day and night, we have enough man power for loading and offloading with forklifts available for 24hrs operations. 
Our warehouse team ensures perfect stacking for easier stock count per inventory. 
We handle a variety of cargoes from raw materials to large machinery. 
Our warehouse is built with one weighbridge weighing all in and out goods with two shift workers for continuous operations, 


To become the world’s preferred supply chain Logistics Company and applying insight, service quality and innovation to create sustainable growth for business and society 
We choose the most appropriate transportation method consisting of various modes and routes. Under a consistent system of responsibility, we offer safe, accurate and rapid transportation services which enable cost reduction resulting in greater customer satisfaction. 
By operating our warehouses connected efficiently with transportation, we can store not just import/export cargoes but also domestic cargoes. And for foreign cargoes, we own a bonded warehouse. 



Road Trucks 4S Shop

It was established in cooperation with shaanxi automobile on July 1, 2017, covering an area of 6,000 square meters and a construction area of 800 square meters.Mainly engaged in the production of various vehicles and related auto parts, the company has by China's professional technical personnel and local technical personnel composed of after-sales service team, to provide customers with comprehensive technical support, technical training and maintenance and after-sales service.Is a set of vehicles and accessories sales, vehicle maintenance as one integrated company.


Since the cooperation with shaanxi automobile, sanhe group has purchased more than 500 vehicles, with more than 200,000 us dollars of spare parts, and complementary with zambian transportation company in vehicle maintenance。Vehicle sales radiate to countries around Zambia.





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