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Three projects have been developed

Sulfuric acid project

The project started in July 2013 and has been expanded twice in different scales. The current monthly production capacity is 2,0000 tons. The products are mainly supplied to local mining companies. With high quality products and sales services, they have won local products. The general recognition of enterprises. So far, we have developed a large number of stable customer resources. We have achieved stable and long-term cooperation with several world top 500 enterprises. With our excellent product quality, efficient and convenient service, we have greatly developed the development of local chemical companies in Congo. It fills the gap in the local professional sulfuric acid production and sales in the Congo, and with our absolute advantage, has changed the traditional way of supplying sulfuric acid to many local mining companies, and has activated the development of local  sulfuric acid-related industries. Nowadays, we have taken the first place in the local sulfuric acid area.  In the future development process, we will strengthen cooperation with major mining companies, stabilize our position in local enterprises, and expand our development space. Cooperate with each company to expand cooperation with other projects with sulfuric acid as the center.



With the growth of company, SAN HE HDT TIPPER TRUCK TRANSPORT AND mine stripping company started in early 2014. From the beginning 8 tipper trucks,1 excavator and one group maintenance technician,continue to explore , so far has developed to be a famous company -  has 150 transport vehicles (including tipper trucks and trucks), more than 30 mine stripping engineering machinery and a professional management and maintenance team. At present, it has cooperated with various local mining companies and is in good operating condition. We are always striving to optimize our services and continue to grow and develop, with different business cooperation with major Congolese mining companies. We have gained wide recognition from our partners in the Congolese transportation industry with professional and efficient services! We will continue to strengthen management, optimize services, improve professional skills, expand the scale of the company and equipment, expand the scope of customers, and enable the project to achieve rapid and efficient development!



Our company purchased 18,000 hectares farm in 2015. dedicated to the long-term stable development of the company and further increasing the social influence of our company in the Congo. Our main project is palm oil cultivation, processing and sales. Since 2015, we have completed 2000 hectares, a total of 300,000 palm saplings for cultivation and transplanting. Since 2015, we have completed the cultivation and transplanting of 2000 hectares of 300000 palm trees. The palm trees going to have fruits in 2021 and at the same time we are going to complete the installation of palm oil production equipment. At that time, our high-quality palm oil will be fully pushed to the Congo market, and the corresponding products will be exported. Our palm oil products will step by Step out of the Congo , to the world! At the same time, we also use the superior geographical conditions to carry out the development of related sideline industry---rice cultivation. The local Chinese can enjoy the Chinese rice . 7. In animal husbandry,we use the by-products of rice production,raise a lot of cattle,sheep and pigs, put the health meat to the Congo market; we also introduce high-quality fruit trees, planting fresh and excellent specialty fruits. 




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